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Getting The Most from a Class
    All About Classes
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   8/9/2007 27 Ways to Say "Follow Up Facial"View File  
   8/9/2007 Girlfriend EventsView File  
   8/9/2007 Girls Night Out Part OptionsView File  
   8/9/2007 Magic of ClassesView File  
   8/8/2011 TestingView File  
UpdatedSelling ResourcesSource    
   8/9/2007 Class CancellationView File  
   8/9/2007 Class Confirmation (My House)View File  
   8/9/2007 Class Reminder (Their House)View File  
Holiday Selling
UpdatedSelling ResourcesSource    
   11/5/2012 Adopt A Grandparent Donated By TagsView File  
   11/5/2012 Adopt A Grandparent FlyerView File  
   11/5/2012 Adopt A Grandparent Tax ReceiptView File  
   11/5/2012 Adopt A Grandparent Tracking SheetView File  
Letters To Send Your Hostess
    Week By Week
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   8/9/2007 (1 week out) If You Call Them, They WILL ComeView File  
   8/9/2007 (2 weeks out) OrderingView File  
   8/9/2007 (3 weeks out) Tale of Two HostessesView File  
Selling Ideas
    General Ideas
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   9/26/2007 25 Beauty Book ChallengeView File  
   4/8/2008 Administrative Assistant Week
Administrative Assistant Week
April 21-25
View File  
   12/5/2006 Fishbowl InstructionsView File  
   9/16/2010 Holiday Gift Portfolio

Sr. Sales Director Kay Harkness-JohnsonView File  
   1/25/2007 Super Bowl SaleView File  



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