Everything Else You Need to Know
This section contains educational information from numerous sources covering extensive topics.  If it's not under the Book, Coach, Sell, or Recruit buttons above, you'll find it here.

Educational Items
UpdatedItem Description
8/23/2012 View File BATH Mental Sheet
8/23/2012 View File Mental Bath by Claire
8/23/2012 View File Mental Bath Tracking
8/23/2012 View File Why Attend Meetings!
12/5/2006 View File Income Producing Activities
12/5/2006 View File Personality Styles Test
12/5/2006 View File Total Conversion Chart for Foundation, Powder, and Concealer
Mary Kay Intouch Resources
UpdatedItem Description
2/6/2007 View File Just The FAQs
Tips for Your Business
UpdatedItem Description
8/23/2012 View File Acrobat Reader
9/6/2007 View File Computer Tips and Tricks

The meeting was awesome!!

2/16/2007 $70,000 Model Book
12/5/2006 View File A Few Reasons Why Some Women Choose Mary Kay
12/5/2006 View File Closing with McDonald Menu
12/5/2006 View File Getting UNstuck
12/5/2006 View File Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend Meetings



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