Is your store open for business?
What are you doing to keep your customer's happy?
What are you doing to get new customers?

This section has some great ideas for selling

UpdatedSelling IdeasSource    
   4/17/2012 Close Sheet - Updated Spring 2012View File  
   4/23/2012 Back of Close Sheet 1View File  
   8/23/2012 TimeWise Repair Purchase for $199 - Use with Close SheetsView File  
   8/23/2012 Bundle Sheet Closing with TimeWise RepairView File  
   8/23/2012 Individual Close for Consultant of black & white close sheetView File  
   8/23/2012 Individual Close Followup Appointment for GuestsView File  
UpdatedSelling IdeasSource    
   8/20/2012 MK Regimen AdvisorView File  
   8/20/2012 Order of Application updated 8/2012View File  
    TimeWise Repair VoluFirm Set
UpdatedSelling IdeasSource    
   8/20/2012 VoluFirm vs. Miracle Set Comparison SheetView File  
   8/20/2012 Eye Renewal Cream DispenserView File  
   8/20/2012 TimeWise Repair Fact SheetView File  
   8/23/2012 Bonny VoluFirm Before & AfterView File  
   9/6/2012 VoluFirm Price Comparison ChartView File  



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