New Consultant Education
NEW CONSULTANTS! As your Director, let me say welcome to the Best-Selling Brand of Facial Skin Care and Color Cosmetics is the US and to the the fastest growing unit in all of Mary Kay!!! You have just entered a world where your dreams can become a reality. Come with us and climb the ladder of success! We promise to help you with each step, one step at a time - to applaud and praise your every effort, to assist you whenever you need. This company is based on high integrity, ethical standards and helping others grow. Nothing is more important to us than your success. Set your goals - together we can make dreams come true!!!

You have received a showcase full of information. Your Consultant's Guide will help you through many of the important aspects of this business. This is a valuable tool for you to learn this business. The company has four Success Plans for you to choose from to use in your first 30 days from signing your agreement. These plans are your Business Debut, the Perfect Start, the Power Start and the Power Start Plus. Read and understand that any of these plans will be your ticket to success in your first 30 days.

Following is more information compiled with your success in mind. I encourage you to get a jumpstart on your career! Please print and/or read this information carefully. Your training is very important to the success of your business. If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact either your recruiter or myself.

You have made a decision to start your own business. It is imperative for you to learn the skills necessary to professionally conduct your business. Plan on investing the time to learn HOW to work your business!
You'll be SO glad you did! As Mary Kay Ash would always say, "YOU CAN DO IT!"
I hold New Consultant Training every Fourth Thursday at 6 pm at my meeting room. Please make an attempt to attend!
Too Blessed to Be Stressed...
Claire E. Olivier
Sr. Sales Director

Welcome Packet
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Getting Started
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Thing You Will Want to Do
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