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Check here for all of your unit information needs.  This section will list the latest contests as well as unit literature for download.

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6/9/2014 View File$350 Club Promotion
6/9/2014 View FileBeat Our Best
6/9/2014 View FileFollow your heart
6/9/2014 View FileJune 2014 Calendar
6/9/2014 View FileJune 2014 Focus Order
5/8/2014 View FileApril - June Ordering Consistency Club
5/8/2014 View FileApril - June Sharing Consistency Club
5/8/2014 View FileBeat Our Best
5/8/2014 View FileGrand Week Promo
5/8/2014 View FileMay Focus Order
5/8/2014 View FileMay New Consultant Promotion
5/8/2014 View FileMay Unit Calendar
5/8/2014 View FilePlanning by the Pool
1/9/2014 View FileJanuary Focus Order
1/9/2014 View FileJFM Consistency Club
12/5/2013 View FileDecember Focus Order
12/5/2013 View FileDecember Ring Promotion
12/5/2013 View FileDecember Unit Calendar
11/4/2013 View FileClaire's Birthday Ordering & Team Building Promo
11/4/2013 View FileNovember 2013 Unit Calendar
11/4/2013 View FileNovember Focus Order
10/7/2013 View FileAdopt A Grandparent Flyer
10/7/2013 View FileAdopt A Grandparent Tax Receipts
10/7/2013 View FileAdopt A Grandparent Tracking Sheet
10/7/2013 View FileOct-Dec Consistency Club
10/7/2013 View FileOct-Dec Sharing CC
10/7/2013 View FileOctober Focus Order
9/30/2013 View FileOctober 2013 Unit Calendar
9/9/2013 View File$200 Cash Giveaway
9/9/2013 View FileHoliday Fashion Show
9/9/2013 View FileSeptember 2013 Calendar
9/9/2013 View FileSeptember Focus Order
9/9/2013 View FileWinner's Wonderland Consultant Flyer
8/19/2013 View File2013 Close Sheet
8/19/2013 View FileAugust Calendar
8/19/2013 View FileAugust Focus Order
7/22/2013 View File2013 Price Change
7/22/2013 View FileChoices
7/22/2013 View FileJuly $100 Drawing
7/22/2013 View FileJuly Calendar
7/22/2013 View FileJuly Focus Order
7/22/2013 View FileJuly-Sept CC
7/22/2013 View FileJuly-Sept Sharing CC
6/21/2013 View File$100 Cash Drawing
6/21/2013 View FileJune Focus Order
6/21/2013 View FilePink By the Pool
5/13/2013 View File50 Cash Bonus Promotion
5/13/2013 View FileMay Focus Order
5/13/2013 View FileMay TB Promotion
4/25/2013 View FileMay 2013 Unit Calendar
4/15/2013 View FileApril May June Consistency CLub
4/15/2013 View FileApril TB Promo
4/15/2013 View FileDream Bracelet Promotion
4/15/2013 View FileFrame Promo
4/15/2013 View FileRaining Red Tracking Sheet
4/15/2013 View FileStart Something Beautiful
4/11/2013 View FileApril 2013 Unit Calendar
4/11/2013 View FileApril Focus Order
3/21/2013 View FileQuarterly Recognition Tracking Sheet
3/14/2013 View FileMarch 2013 Calendar
3/14/2013 View FileMarch Focus Order
3/14/2013 View FileMK Painting with a Twist Brush Clinic
3/14/2013 View FilePainting with a Twist Star Event
3/14/2013 View FileWhat to bring for guests
2/14/2013 View FileBeach Bash Flyer
2/14/2013 View FileBeach Bash Tracking Sheet
2/14/2013 View FileCareer Conference Hotel Information
2/4/2013 View FileFebruary Calendar
2/4/2013 View FileFebruary Focus Order
1/28/2013 View FileCareer Conference Registration Promotion
1/24/2013 View FileJan-March Consistency Club
1/7/2013 View FileJanuary 2013 Calendar
1/7/2013 View FileJanuary Focus Order
1/3/2013 View FileRing in the New Year with Bling!
11/5/2012 View FileNovember Focus Order
11/2/2012 View FileDirty 51 Receipts
11/2/2012 View FileMary Kay Key Club
11/2/2012 View FileNovember Calendar
11/2/2012 View FileTalkin Turkey Cja
10/25/2012View FileJump Start January Flyer
10/15/2012View FileHunt for Red October
8/16/2012 View FileFoundation Comparison Chart
8/13/2012 View FileNew Consultant Signon Bonus
7/16/2012 View File2012-2013 4 Quarter Star Promo
7/16/2012 View FileAdd-a-Charm Star Promo
Unit Stats
7/16/2012 View File2011-2012 Royalty Page
08/24/2011View File2010-2011 Seminar Royalty
Unit Forms
1/11/2012 View FileTOQ Cons Form
12/5/2006 View FileWeekly Accomplishment Sheets
12/5/2006 View FileWeely PLAN Sheets



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