Booking -- The Lifeline of Your Business!
Thought: By the image I project, why would people want to do business with me?
First: Visualize yourself! I am a Master Booker!
1. Book from your classes.
2. Turn follow-up facials into classes.
3. Before and After Models for your Portfolio.
4. Carry a lip sampler key chain on an O-ring.
5. Carry eye looks on your business card.
6. Lipstick Survey. Make it fun with lip punches.
7. Carry before and after photos on your key chain, purse, briefcase.
8. Always have items, literature handy.
9. Seize the moment.
     "Oh, by the way, this is for you. "
     "I couldn't help but notice. "
     "I would love to get your opinion. "
     "You are obviously a very sharp woman. "
     "I would love to have you for a model in my photoshoot. "
     "May I call you? Ask permission. "
10. Have 5 resources to promote your business.
     -Children's school/preschool
     -Women's Groups
     -Chamber of Commerce
     -Children's Play Groups
     -Second job, Social Groups
     -Local Gym
11. Booking Lotto
12. Utilize local fairs, bridal bizaar, local functions, etc.
13. Ask for referrals.
     "Play a game at your classes. "
     'You are the heart of my business. Penny on business card. Redeem at class.
     "Write notes on your sales slips about referrals. "
14. Promote your business where you do business.
15. Please do not say, "I do Mary Kay." 
Say, "I am a Professional Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics." 
Don't Forget what's in your Customer Base. 
Call current customers and ask them to help you out. Women love to help, all you have to do is ASK!!
Preferred Customer Program - utilize it!
You're in a contest and you need them to hold a skin care class, tell them the benefits.
Limited edition colors are out and you'd love to get together and try them. They will be a great model
Mary Kay has challenged you to 20/20 and/or Perfect 10 and you need their help.
Use your Color Select System, it's a fabulous booking tool!
You need practice and you'd love their help, and their face!
You're in training and you need models.
Follow-up facial you never were able to schedule.
Update for current products/foundation colors
Most of my customers prefer to see me personally every 9 months for updating, does that work for you?
Know your purpose.

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